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As Top Business Brokers and M&A Advisors, we specialize in business sales across all industries with transaction sizes from approximately $50,000 to $50 million. Established in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown to become one of the largest organizations specializing in business sales in the U.S. We have listed and managed the sale of businesses valued at over $7.5 billion. Industries include but are not limited to: Auto Service, Distribution, Retail, Construction, HVAC, Medical Billing, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Technology, Practice Sales, B2B Services, Healthcare Services, Pet Care, and more! 

All First Choice Business Brokers have completed extensive training through FCU (First Choice University) and attend on-going continuing education, making our Business Broker Professionals among the most highly trained experts in the field. Unparalleled Education and training allow us to deliver best-in-class business evaluations, business marketing plans and are two key reasons we’re The World’s Authority in Business Sales.

At First Choice Business Brokers, we work with both sellers and buyers. Whether you are selling a business or looking to acquire a business, we provide experience, expertise and professional resources unsurpassed in the industry. We maintain confidentiality while working with business owners so customers, vendors and employees remain unaware that the business is for sale. We work with business buyers to find the right business that meets their purchase criteria. As business intermediaries, we manage the entire process which includes valuing businesses, confidentially marketing businesses, vetting buyers, managing buyer-seller meetings, preparing transaction paperwork, and assisting with the financing process to ensure a smooth transaction through closing.

With a vast buyer network, proven comprehensive marketing strategies and a commitment to providing excellent client service, we are trained, trusted and experienced professionals ready to work for buyers and sellers in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Snellville, Loganville, Grayson, Dacula, Bethlehem, Monroe, Winder, Bogart, Watkinsville, Athens, and throughout North Georgia.  

Six Tips to Increase the Value of a Business before Selling

Improve Profitability

The first and most crucial factor for the sale of any business is profitability. High-profit margins attract buyers and result in successful sales. Maximizing profits 2-5 years before you list the business for sale will improve metrics used during valuation and negotiations. This is the time to optimize operations, renew your contracts with past customers, and pursue new leads.

Audit Company Documents and Financials

Having all documents audited by a third party before a sale has several benefits. With your documents in order, the sale will proceed smoothly. Your buyer will have no arguments during due diligence because your documents support the valuation. You can opt to go the extra mile and have a professional audit of your financial records. Professional audits are the best way to mitigate risk. There might be opportunities to create a better value proposition for the buyer. 

Discover Additional Revenue Streams

Selling your business is not the best time to put your feet up and wait to see what happens once there is a listing. In fact, the opposite approach is to work harder to attract the right buyer for your business. Improving saleability is about more than just optimizing existing business frameworks. It also involves discovering new avenues to add more revenue to your company. 

Diversify the Business Portfolio

Looking for opportunities to expand your business portfolio is a great idea. You can reach out to niches that align with your buyer's interests. Diversifying your business portfolio may provide a more consistent flow of revenue throughout the year. 

Plan Ahead

Any buyer looking at your company wants to project into the future. The buyer needs proof that your business can serve their interests, and this means in the short and long term future. What plans do you have for your company's future? 

Build a Strong Digital Footprint

The concept of a digital footprint is new to many old-timers ready for retirement. But you may have realized that your online presence is a valuable asset these days. If you have a solid online presence, the buyer knows you have spent time and resources developing that. Your efforts are realized as a valuable intangible asset.

Reviewing your digital collateral and SEO can help improve the saleability of your business. Your goal should be to work on better ads and reach more clients through your website. 

Six Factors a Buyer Looks for When Buying a Business in Georgia

Net Worth in the Market

Buyers prefer investing in a company that has a high net worth. The simple fact is that this means better chances of success from their standpoint. The net worth of a business is not just about profitability. It is also about keeping your company ledgers clean, long-term investments, and brand value. 

Strong Company Brand

Having a solid brand is essential when you want to attract the best buyer's interest. A good brand is more than just revenue and profits. A brand needs to have positive sentiment in the market, earned over time through sound business practices and having a strong sense of values. 

Solid Track Record with Customers

As a business owner, you might have wondered about positive reviews' impact on your brand. Buyers consider online reviews and customer reports when they buy a brand. Today, the market is a lot more connected than before. This means negative customer reviews can really hurt a business.

High Trust and Reputation Scores

One of the most critical parts of a brand is its credibility compared to its competitors. The more trust people associate with a brand, the easier it is to sell in the market. Buyers look for high trust scores for brands when choosing investments. The reason is that brands with trust are easier to grow.

No Legal Hassles

Ideally, a company should have a clean record when it comes to legal issues. If your business has had legal problems, ensure that you disclose them to your buyer. Also, resolve any outstanding legal matters at your end. No buyer wants to be stuck with a company that gives them endless problems.

Plans for the Future

It is important to remember that buyers invest in companies to run them in the future. A mistake many business owners make is not working on future plans for their business once they've put it on sale. As a buyer, you are responsible for ensuring that you have planned even after selling it. 

Selling a Business - FAQs

1. How can I find the value of my business?

There is no simple answer to this question because there are many valuation methods. Business valuation is a challenging process for owners, especially when you haven't done it before. This is an excellent opportunity to consider specialized help for making the most out of your business sale. If you have a business in Georgia that you want to sell, First Choice Business Brokers are your best bet.

2. Is it easy to sell my business?

Selling your business takes time and more time. The reason is that thousands of companies are on sale on any given day. It would be best if you had the expertise and a vast network of leads to find the right buyer. Talking to a business broker can give you the edge you need. 

3. Can business brokers help me sell my business?

Yes, business brokers can help you considerably, but they vary quite a bit in their services. Some brokers work in specialized areas, so you may need to shop around to find the right broker. 

First Choice Business Brokers offer a full-service office and stay with you throughout the process. Providing an accurate valuation, finding the right buyer, negotiating the sale, and closing the deal. The experience will exceed your expectations with the correct valuation, protection during the process, and a smooth closing. Hiring a business broker will be the best decision you make for a satisfying, successful experience selling your business.

4. Are business brokers expensive?

The correct answer is that it depends. There are various classes of business brokers out there. Some of them may be expensive, but most are not. It may be more beneficial to consider the value you will get from a business broker. First Choice Business Brokers offer great rates that are highly competitive in the market, and the value is top-notch. We stay with the seller throughout the process, and you pay once the deal is done. 

5. How can I find the right buyers?

Finding the right crowd to pitch your business sale to can take time and effort. Opting for a business broker with a vast network of buyers improves that situation. Now you are not just looking for a buyer; you are choosing from multiple qualified buyers. 

Even if you have been in business circles for years, you might need to have the contacts a business broker has. First Choice Business Brokers take pride in their ability to match buyers and sellers for a great experience. 

6. Can business brokers negotiate on my behalf?

Yes, business brokers can negotiate on your behalf. An experienced broker will achieve the right price for your business and expedite the sale. Negotiation is another reason to seek the right business broker to take the lead. Selling businesses is what they do every day, all day! First Choice Business Brokers are highly trained and take great pride in their negotiating skills. 

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